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Brian Kosoff Portfolio 1: Landscapes
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"I am not a religious man," says Brian Kosoff, "but there is something so spiritual for me about trekking out to the dunes of Death Valley before the sun comes up, when the stars are still in the sky and there's no noise accept the sound of sand blowing. As the sun hits the dunes they start to come alive.” Though Kosoff says divine inspiration does not factor into his artistic process, these tranquil photographs of sand, rocks and water seem to describe a higher state of enlightenment. Kosoff ascribes this to his minimalist nature: “I tend to like very bleak landscapes because they are composed of simple shapes. The effect of light becomes more obvious in that environment, because everything is boiled down to the most basic elements,” he says. This Zen-like simplicity is the essence of Kosoff’s meditative images.

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