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Chair & Exhibition Week 27
Week 24
Chair & Kelly, Backstage,
Nudes on Ice, Las Vegas

George Holz
Week 23
Chair & Sofas

Don Freeman
Week 22
Chair & Silhouette

Don Freeman
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Throughout history, the chair has connoted status and authority, from tribal leaders' tree stumps to royal thrones to the Aeron chairs that became synonymous with '90s dot-com excess. Small wonder, then, that it has been placed on its own pedestal, inspiring the likes of Frank Gehry, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Philippe Starck. So what better subject to serve as the focus of a virtual exhibition that blurs the lines between art and design? Every Monday from May through October, Meter, in conjunction with the design blog will feature a new image in this virtual exhibition. From a whimsical flying chair to a darkly humorous dollhouse murder to an anthropomorphic chair in suspenders, each image begs the question, "Who's been sitting in my chair?"

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