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Suburbia  Exhibition
Irina from Below
Barbara Cole
Burbs on Bike
Mark Weiss

Fence/McD Sign
James Smolka
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Born out of post-war euphoria, the suburbs were initially seen as emblematic of the American dream: a Ford in every driveway and a roast on every table. But it didn't take long for the sheen to wear off the soccer mom Mecca. As early as 1962, Pete Seeger sang about the "little boxes on the hillside...little boxes made of ticky-tacky" and the burbs have occupied a tenuous place in the American psyche ever since. Mom and Pop shops have been eaten up by Wal-Marts, and Beaver Cleaver grew up to be Donnie Darko. In conjunction with the design blog, these artists present the many facets of suburbia: the good, the bad, and snugly ugly.

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