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Torkil Gudnason Portfolio 2: Sleepwalker
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Notes on SLEEPWALKER view bio

"It's eerily quiet," Torkil Gudnason says of Montauk, where he shot these images, originally for Russian Elle. He was inspired to seek out this location by William Eggleston's images of brand new shopping malls in the South and construction sites in Vegas--all versions of a suburbia where no one's home. Gudnason bathes his models in an eerie blue light, lending the images both a cinematic and a foreboding quality. "Something's about to happen," he says. The models are austere and out of place; one is almost tempted to offer them directions. They are suspiciously well-shod for a trip to the local supermarket, and as any fan of "Desperate Housewives" (or its predecessor, "Stepford Wives") will tell you, that spells trouble. These are disquiet images, teetering on the verge of a plot twist.

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