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Torkil Gudnason Portfolio 3: Allure
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Torkil Gudnason likes to hang his favorite magazine pieces on his studio wall. "The image is then more present than in a closed magazine. If I like it, it stays on the wall," he says. Age improves editorial work, he has found. It's a process of attrition: if the image outlives its commercial purpose (and what is fashion if not fleeting) then all that is left, for better or worse, is the art. And there is art to be found in the pages of magazines, if you trust your own eye to find it. Like Richard Avedon, Irving Penn and Helmut Newton before him, Gudnason blurs the line between fashion and art. After all, art and commerce share a desire to hold our attention. Whether he's creating an homage to cubism, shooting post-Nagel Bali Girls, or orchestrating a darkly humorous series called "Fruit Punch," the images make you stop and look--or rather, stop and want. And more often than not, what you want isn't the fashion object presented, but the image itself.

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