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Kent Barker Portfolio 5: Abstractions
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Texas Sheriffs
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The most surprising thing about Kent Barker's photography is that what he sees is exactly what you get. These are photographs with no manipulation. The only trickery going on here is that what looks like a pointillist painting is actually a detailed close-up of a rusted barbeque smoker or graffitied sheet metal The complex layers and juxtaposition of colors stem from Barkerís eye for composition, not his paintbrush. "I grew up in that straight aesthetic of photography," says Barker. "And what I love about photography is being out and being aware of what's around me." Most of these images were created during road trips that took Barker past rural towns and fields in New Mexico and Texas. "Rusted old cars sitting in fields are great subjects, and that's a big thing in New Mexico!" he says. To many, this junk metal may be a blight on the landscape, but to Barker, it's all abstract art waiting to be found.


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