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George Holz Portfolio 2: Original Sin
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Portfolio 1:
In Nature
Notes on ORIGINAL SIN view bio

"There are strong parallels between the Garden of Eden and the agave fields of Tequila, Mexico" says George Holz. "Why couldn't the story of creation have taken place there?"

Commissioned by Tequila Sauza to illustrate the concept of "Original Sin," Holz has created a grand visual epic that reads more like an (albeit silent) opera than a photo essay. The foothills of the Sierra Madre mountains provide a fairytale Eden, where the agave plant itself is a metaphor for the tree of knowledge. Wandering in this sun-soaked garden are "Adam" and "Eve," a Puerto Rican man and woman who seem to have internalized their roles in a profound way.

Possessed with almost supernatural beauty, the two—who won their silent parts over hundreds of auditioning models, actors and dancers—tell a tale of love, temptation and the loss of innocence. In Bone of My Bones, the torsos of man and woman hover only a breath apart, as if aching to give in to the will to touch. This tension is evoked in most every image in "Original Sin," whether the hero and heroine are pictured in yearning togetherness or contemplative solitude. In Mother of All Living, Eve stands atop a waterfall in a cloak of mist, opening her arms to the heavens, as if beseeching a higher power to forgive her passion. If this were indeed an opera, her lament would rise above the falling water, clear as birdsong.


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