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Ken Rosenthal Portfolio 1: The Water
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Not Dark Yet
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Seen and Not
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Tucson-based photographer Ken Rosenthal has created a body of work that has to do with memory and family – “images that evoke time, places, people, and dreams that are half-remembered,” as he has put it. Many of these photographs are taken from his own family albums—he either works with the original negatives or rephotographs the original prints—but he bleaches and tones his photographs so that they are blurred and diffused, erasing specificity. They bring to mind, instead, a variety of collective memories and associations. Motherhood, the salty sea air, and summer days gone by come to mind in images of a woman standing in the surf, or a girl swimming in a pool. Others have a whiff of old-fashioned glamour. They all reflect a shared cultural iconography of femininity, and a memory of carefree innocence that, while based as much in fiction as fact, is still worth preserving.

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