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Kent Barker Portfolio 3: Taos
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In these quiet images, Kent Barker has tapped into the soul of Taos, New Mexico, as only a true local could. The photographer and his family moved to Taos a decade ago, but Barker took his time getting to know his new environment before endeavoring to document it. Barker's reverence for Taos is evident in this series, which the viewer experiences as a guided tour of the area's less-touristed natural wonders. He began the "Taos" series largely out of the desire to preserve, at least on film, a beauty still largely unhampered by commercial civilization. "There is a timeless quality to Taos that is based on its close connection to the natural world," says Barker. "I respond to this and revel in it. I also recognize that civilization is encroaching and it will not last. So I am moved both by a love of this place and by a desire to preserve its memory."

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