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Gerard Lange Portfolio 2: Les Etudes
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Portfolio 1:
Wilson, NC
Portfolio 3:
of Memory
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Gerard Lange has sometimes been criticized for making his images too beautiful, but the suggestion of surveillance in these pinhole images takes the edge off of pretty. "I wanted to play with the contrast of good and evil," Lange says. "Beauty versus a predator-like gaze." He is thus a benevolent spy; the photographs mostly hint at serenity and routine and do not evoke a feeling of intrusion. The images are simple, silent, still -- as if they were being viewed through soundproof glass. You notice first color, then composition, and almost as an afterthought: a person, a stoplight, a truck, a line of trees. Even the images with people seem people-less," said Lange. The stoplights are red, the truck's brake lights are on, the beach is empty. "I wanted to capture the quiet of Japanese photography." As we peer into each frameless scene, we witness it as a drive-by: fleeting, silent, and with any identifying details blurred. It is a romantic's interpretation of a moment: a wistful take on the mundane.

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