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Dan Weaks Portfolio 3: New York City Landmarks
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Portfolio 1:
New York City
Portfolio 2:
42nd Street

In just the beginning of what he calls his “life project,” Dan Weaks spent much of the 1980s on a quest to document New York City’s streets and landmarks. That’s Ambition on a New York scale—especially considering that for each image, a crew of assistants was assembled, a camera was mounted to the side of a car, traffic was disrupted, and meters of film were expended.

The portfolio’s earlier images, like 5th Avenue, Rockefeller Center and 5th Avenue, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, were created by splicing together many smaller photographs; while later images, including 8th Avenue, Madison Square Garden and Times Square, are the products of a shutterless camera Weaks built himself. Having breaked from the project for over a decade, Weaks looks forward to resuming it in the East Village, using digital technology.


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