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Wayne Levin Portfolio 2: Schools and Pods
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Portfolio 1:
Water People
Notes on SCHOOLS AND PODS view bio

The Akule or "big-eyed scad" are named for their saucer-like eyes, cartoonish against the silvery blue-green of their bodies. But en masse, the thousands of Akule appear like a living sculpture, nature's most elegant exercise in pointillism. Before diving down to find them, award-winning ocean photographer Wayne Levin would hike high above Kealakekua Bay on the Kona coast of Hawaii, hoping to spot a dark mass in the clear waters below. After hiking back down, Levin would enter the water facing away from the school, so as not to startle them. Then he would slowly turn towards them. "You'd think they would move away from you," he says, "but in fact they move towards you...basically through you, opening up like a tunnel."

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