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Dominique Bollinger Portfolio 2: Rome and Surroundings
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Portfolio 1:
The South

Julius Caesar's successor, Augustus, boasted that he found Rome "a city of bricks and left it a city of marble." Capturing the grandeur of Rome has been the pet project of so many artists since Augustus, that there seems to be little room for invention. But in this series on his adoptive home, Dominique Bollinger has recast timeworn, imperial Rome as a city of angles and private shadows. Reveling in the juxtaposition of man-made and natural shapes, Bollinger's lens is drawn to the vines overtaking a second story apartment or frail branches drawing dark silhouettes on their impervious stone neighbors. "The relationship between nature and architecture is a constant source of inspiration to me," Bollinger says. "I try to bring out a sense of mystery with the help of the light." Caught in moments of lonely repose, Bollinger's city evokes crumbling film strips and the soft curls of cigarette smoke. The images invigorate Rome's reputation as"la Città Eterna," with a thick coat of nostalgia and a light touch of sepia.

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