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Lloyd Ziff Portfolio 2: Far Away
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Portfolio 1:
Notes on FAR AWAY view bio

One senses that each landscape Lloyd Ziff documents represents a pleasant, passing memory for the photographer. Whether capturing the view from his beach house in Orient Point, Long Island, or a storm brewing miles off an Alaskan Highway, Ziff instills scenes of great nature with his own inner calm. Though expertly composed, his photographs call to mind the narrative of a pensive traveler, chronicling his days on the road for a loved one at home. Occasionally, people appear in “Far Away,” but these images, too, strike the viewer as having been taken by a happily solitary man. It’s as if Ziff is talking to nature while photographing it—telling it his secrets, while it shares its own with him. Perhaps this is why these landscapes, often in a state of weather-flux, are so inviting to the viewer, calling to mind that familiar, cherished feeling of being at one with our surroundings.

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