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Dominique Bollinger


Lyons, France 1950


2006 Prima Luce, photographs from Edward Weston to
Mario Giacomelli, Padova, Italy.
2006 The International Photography Gathering, Aleppo, Syria.
2005 Fotosphere Gallery, New York, New York.
2004 Candace Perich Gallery, Katonah, New York.
2003 Galerie Benninger, Koln, Germany.
2003 Kamera und Fotomuseum, Leipzig, Germany.
2003 Galleria fotografica "Luigi Ghirri", Caltagirone, Italy.
2003 Galleria Carta Bianca, Catania, Italy.
2003 Galerie in Focus, Koln, Germany.
2002 Spazio Arte, sala Umberto, Rome, Italy.
2002 Hugo Boss for the 30 years celebration of Zoom magazine,
New York.
2000 Barry Singer Gallery, Petaluma, California, USA.
1998 Alliance Française, Bari, Italy.
1997 Arte Roma expo 97, Rome, Italy.
1995 French cultural center, Palerme, Italy.
1994 Galleria Aleph, Torino, Italy.
1989 Palazzo Loggia, Brescia, Italy.
1986 Glenn Bell Gallery, Rhinebeck, New York.
1985 Soho Photo Gallery, New York.
1985 Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art, Cleveland, USA.
1984 Soho Photo Gallery, New York.
1982 Centre Kodak, Prix de la critique photographique, Paris.
1982 Galerie Ethel, Paris.


2007 Il Fotografo, Milan, Italy.
2006 AG magazine, London, UK.
2005 Black and White Magazine, California, USA.
2002 30 years celebration, Zoom magazine, Italy and USA.
1995 Zoom, masks and photocollages, Italy.
1993 Photographies magazine, Italy.
1988 Progresso fotografico, Italy.
1986 Zoom, landscapes from Usa and Mexico, Paris.
1981 Zoom, landscapes from Cévennes, Paris.
1979 Photo Revue magazine, Paris.


1998 First prize "G.R. Namias" Milano, Italy.
1997 Prix Agfa- Photographie Magazine, Paris.
1982 Prix Kodak de la critique photographique, Paris.


Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris
Bibliothèque nationale, Paris.
Musée Nicephore Niepce, Chalon sur Saône.
Museo della fotografia, Caltagirone, Italy.
Camera Work Gallery, Christian Deiner, Berlin.
Various private collections in the United States and Europe.

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