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David O'Connor


David O'Connor's most completely realized body of work is entitled, Topiary, a series of black and white photographs of formal topiary gardens throughout North America. By subtly juxtaposing their geometric forms and whimsical creations within a complex landscape, the compositions become elegant and richly textured, possessing a quiet surrealism. The images evoke a sense of art in nature--and nature as art.

Inspired by the timeless beauty found in the nature of topiaries chiaroscuro imagery, O'Connor has been making silver gelatin prints, using shadow and light to depict the extravagant essence of this ancient art form, for over twenty years. "I have concentrated on capturing the visual optimism and natural beauty of topiaries, while also conveying a momentary glimpse of their deeper levels of spiritual connection".

David O’Connor was born and raised in Albany, New York. He is a graduate of The Art Institute of Boston.

While studying fine art and photography, David started using infrared black/white film, which in mid -seventies was a new and experimental process. Inspired at an early age by the Surrealist and Early 20th Century European artists, David has been working under their influence as represented in all of his personal work.

In 1974 David had his first solo exhibition titled “Abstract Pictorialism” at The Art Institute of Boston. He has participated in numerous group exhibitions and a one-man show at the Micro Gallery in New York titled “Sideswanks”.

Though enjoying his fine art work, he increasingly spent more time over the past twenty years working with leading advertising and design firms nationally. David has been creating innovative conceptual still life photographs from his New York and Oregon Studio. His national clients are as diverse as: IBM to Arrow Shirt Company, Karl Lagerfeld to Microsoft, and The American Red Cross to Intel.

He has received many creative awards, as well as being published in: Communication Arts, Interview Magazine, American Infrared Survey, Today’s Photographer, Graphis, and Photo Design.

David resides in Lake Oswego, Oregon with his wife and daughter.

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