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Brian Kosoff


As a young, aspiring photographer, Brian Kosoff often stood on the beach watching the first rays of morning light gently paint themselves across the sky and water. It was a world of beauty and serenity. Now, more than twenty-five years later, after a successful career as an award-winning NYC advertising photographer, Brian has left behind the “business” of photography to pursue images that recall those early moments of inner peace.

In Brian Kosoff’s photographic landscapes, the scenes in nature are not only serene, but they also appear, somehow, perfect and untouched. Brian captures mountains, clouds, sunlight, and water as pure forms creating simple graphic designs. Then he renders his photographs with a romantic and sometimes, mystical feeling through interpretation in his darkroom printing process.

Brian says that his approach to creating his images is simple, "When I see a special moment or a quality of light, something that moves me, I want to express it photographically. I want my photos to tell a story, have meaning, or have beauty." Not content to record what's there, he stays open to what could be there and seeks to elevate the beauty of the scene. Often his luminous prints are described as having a painterly feel, as he uses tools and techniques to add mood or romance to the images he's captured.


Solo Exhibit, Edward Carter Gallery, NYC,
November/December 2003

Solo Exhibit, The Photography Room, Grand Rapids,
April/May 2003

“Fire & Ice”, Edward Carter Gallery, NYC,
March 2003

JJ Brookings Gallery, San Francisco,

“Delicate Objects”, The Photography Room, Grand Rapids,
January 2003

“Visions of Iceland”, The Photography Room, Grand Rapids,
October 2002

Solo Exhibit, “Horizons”, Edward Carter Gallery, NYC,
May/June 2002

“America the Beautiful, Edward Carter Gallery, NYC,
October 2001

Solo Exhibit, “West of Here”, Piermont Flywheel Gallery, NY,
April/May 2001

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