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About Meter

Meter is a gallery that sells limited edition, signed photographs from contemporary artists.

Simply put, we want to make fine art photography more accessible to more people. And we want to make buying photography comfortable and pleasurable. At Meter you can browse at your leisure, keep things in a personal Viewing Room, or buy real photographs.

Meter features limited edition photographic prints. Real prints made in darkrooms, and signed by the artist. In some cases, we will offer digital prints, but only when, in the artist's view, it is in service of the art. We do not offer digital prints as a cheaper means to duplicate an image.

We also maintain the highest archival standards, from the print itself to the way it is matted and shipped. Most of our prints are matted with eight-ply acid-free mats before shipping.

Meter offers an ever growing eclectic group of artists and artwork from around the world. We hope you enjoy our gallery and artists. We are quite proud and honored to have such an inspiring group of photographers and photographs available for your browsing, pondering and purchasing.

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